When you have built the default design you are ready to change it. We will post some interesting examples here. Above you find two quick examples. One has a smaller arm that gives a more compact workspace but also higher forces and resolution. The other has a hand-made arm fabricated on a traditional wooden lathe.

Changing the following parameters (see the kit page) is a good way to explore too:

  "max_linear_force":         12,       N
  "max_linear_stiffness":     5000,     N/m
  "max_linear_damping":       8,        N/(m/s)
  "g_constant":               9.81      m/s^2; 0 = no gravity compensation

Especially the stiffness; if you reduce it you can in some sense emulate other devices, e.g. the Omni has about 800 N/m. If you increase it too much you might experience instability (vibrations).